How is this different from dieting?

Diets are based on an outdated mentality and disproven science that you can lose weight by starving yourself, drastically cutting calories, or eliminating entire food groups. 

Studies show that 99% of dieters gain all the weight back within a year and over  41% gain more weight back than they originally lost. 

Dieting is a broken system. Research also shows that dieting actually causes a disordered relationship with food that results in emotional eating. 

The Homemade Method is very different because it isn't a diet. 

On our program, you are allowed to eat whenever you're hungry until you're not hungry anymore and no foods are off-limits. 

Instead, we show you a new way of eating based on Simple Switches™, Eating for Nourishment & Satisfaction™, and Listening to Your Body™ so you can say goodbye to guilt and discover food freedom forever.  It's many of our member's favorite part of the program!

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