What is The Homemade Method?

We help women in their 50s, 60s, & 70s lose weight, and reverse high blood numbers - WITHOUT dieting. Our method is based on fixing and unblocking all 9 of the body's most important hunger, fat-burning and fullness hormones. We call it the "Reset Response".

We activate your Reset Response by teaching you a new way of cooking & eating that heals your body, instead of depriving it of entire food groups and relying on strict will power. We have been teaching women how to improve their relationship with food, enjoy healthy meals and create healthy habits they can keep up so they get results that last!

We offer delicious weekly meal plans in our membership so you know exactly what to cook and meal prep video so you can cook for the week in under 60 mins!

As a member, you will also enjoy exclusive benefits such as:

  • Our mobile app designed for women over 50
  • Weekly recipe packs
  • Personal coaching from experts
  • Classes to improve your mindset
  • Access to a private community of members

There's much more to discover!

Please email us at member@homemade-cooking.com if you want to talk to someone about if this is the right Method for you.

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