What foods will I eat in your Program?

In the Homemade Cooking Club, we believe in eating whole, natural ingredients to activate your Reset Response, so you can lose weight without dieting, reverse high blood numbers and get your energy back!

We share delicious, easy-to-make recipes, designed with your favorite foods and classic comfort meals in mind.  Most of these recipes  take 15 minutes or less to prepare (where possible) and use simple, common ingredients you can find at any local grocery store or probably in your pantry right now!

We’ve figured out exactly how to make even your husband or the pickiest eaters in your family into raving fans! ;)  All while giving you the flavors you crave, the tastes you love, and time saving fuss free recipes..

Best of all, with the Homemade Method, you'll never go hungry, because you're allowed to eat anytime you're hungry until you're not hungry anymore.

If you have food allergies, intolerances or preferences, our Coaches can you troubleshoot and find substitutions that work for you. 

And for all the Ladies out there who don’t have much time, who struggle with meal planning, who don’t like to cook, or who live alone, don't worry, we've got you covered with a weekly Meal Plan that makes cooking and eating healthy easy and accessible. 

All of our recipes are designed to make this new healthy eating lifestyle delicious, satisfying and a breeze to stick to!

If you've got any other questions about what we eat and whether it's right for you, just email member@homemade-cooking.com.

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