Are meal plans available?

We don’t offer you a set meal plan - that’s a diet!  

Our program contains over 120 recipes and a dozen cooking techniques delivered to you in 16 weeks so you can learn bit by bit and make adjustments as you go.  We offer you all the recipes and a shopping and pantry stock list up front so you can choose to dive in as much as you want but we recommend to take it one step at a time.  This way you create lasting healthy habits over time that you love! 

Our program offers much more freedom than a diet that relies on sheer will power and feels super depriving.  Instead we teach you how to cook intuitively, nourish your body and shift your mindset so you can stop obsessing over food and live your life healthfully. 

When you change your mindset and get away from dieting you can navigate when life throws at you. 

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