What happens after I finish the Program?

When you finish a Program with us there will always be a way for us to support you on your health and weight loss journey to get even bigger, even better results, that last for the long term. 
We will always reach out to let you know your options as you near that end of one of our Programs to see what's right for you. 
Right now, our main Program offerings are our 21-Day Reset Program, our 4-month Life-Changing Cooking Program and our advanced Success Program.
We also offer continuing support to our Members through our Memberships.  These include private 1:1 or group coaching, live events with our Expert Team of Nutritionists and Dieticians and our private Members-Only Group. 
If you're one of our current Members and you want to know what's next on your journey with us please email member@homemade-cooking.com so we can help. 

If you're new here and you'd like to see how we can help you, then go here and click the orange Get Started button: https://homemademethod.com/

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