What happens after I finish the Program?

We offer a chance to continue working with us in our Live Success Membership. 

You'll receive these new Success benefits:

✅ NEW Nourishing & Satisfying Recipes every month, to keep you cooking and motivated with your healthy eating goals.

✅ LIVE Nutrition Sessions with Homemade Nutritionist, Maddy Kuhn, to get all your nutrition questions answered.

✅ LIVE Cooking Classes with our Professional Cooking Instructor.

✅ New Monthly Challenges to keep the momentum going towards your best self!

✅ Access to our Success Members-Only Site with our full library of health tips, recipes & videos.

And you will continue to enjoy these Life-Changing Cooking benefits:

✅ LIVE Monday Mindsets with me to help you stay on top of the latest research and on track with your healthy eating and weight loss goals.

✅ Members-Only Facebook Group for continued support & inspiration.

✅ Expert Coaching from our Team of Nutritionists, Dieticians & Chef who already know and love you to help you get personalized advice no matter what your needs.

✅ Our new 300 page color Recipe E-Book (including an Australian metrics version for our Aussie members)

✅ LIVE Cooking and Meal Prep Parties with Coach Irene for a fun way to get your meal prep done for the week and socialize with other members to stay on track with your health goals.

You'll learn:

✅ How to cook quick & easy meals that heal your body.

✅ Which simple, everyday ingredients engage your Reset Response, so you can lose weight and lower high blood numbers without dieting.

✅ How to change your relationship with food so you can overcome emotional eating, stress eating and keep enjoying your favorite foods.

And much more!

Plus you'll get to mingle with your favorite Homemade girlfriends in our Members-Only Group... and get Expert Coaching support every step of the way!

Or you can continue to work on the Homemade Method principles and recipes on your own. 

Please email us at member@homemade-cooking.com if you have any more questions or want to secure your spot in the Success Membership! 

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